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About Me

Brother Swagler

I am a creative based in Birmingham, Alabama. I specialize in 2-dimensional design and photography, but my creativity extends far beyond my computer monitor.


I am a chef and a well-traveled fly fisherman. I enjoy making up my own recipes as well as tying my own flies and usually ignoring the instruction manual.

Immediately after college, I moved to Bavaria to pursue a career playing professional soccer and working as a creative abroad. I moved back home in late 2019 and worked as Creative Director for a startup company called Last Word Liquidators, based in Birmingham, Alabama.

I left that job in late 2020, and I am in search of a new challenge. 

Currently, I am freelancing (and adventuring when I get the chance). If you think I could be an asset to your organization or want to collaborate on a project, feel free to contact me anytime. 

Education and Prior Roles


2015 - 2019 

Birmingham-Southern College


Pack Health

2014 - 2015 — Creative Intern


Freelance Multimedia Designer

2012 - Present


Last Word Liquidators

2019 - 2020 — Creative Director

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